Special Transporters


Special Transporters

Special designs

There are many cases where a normal air cushion transporter is unable to do the job because of particular requirements on the design, equipment or operation, e.g.

  1.  integration into the customer’s material flow processes
  2.  Explosion protected version, splash protection
  3.  structural modifications to the load or environment
  4.  special models or interfaces
  5.  galvanized or stainless steel frame
  6.  built-in load cells, displacing, lifting, centring, levelling or positioning systems
  7.  gap overdrive, VPD loading, temperature monitoring
  8.  tape guidance, AGVs

We can design the appropriate solution even for these customer-specific requirements and offer the corresponding special transporters and designs.

It is also possible to combine air cushion technology with any devices or structures provided by the customer or third-party suppliers. See also air cushion running gears.