Mobile Lifting Equipment


Mobile Lifting Equipment

Lifting tables, working platforms, cranes, hydraulic jacks, etc.

Compared with wheeled chassis, lifting devices on air cushion running gears offer complete freedom of movement in all directions and can be moved and positioned precisely by hand despite huge loads.
They are used wherever loads need to be positioned exactly on all sides and moved in confined spaces. Lifting devices fitted with air cushions have enormous stability, can be built very flat and generate only slight pressure on the ground even under high loads (the load is distributed instead of concentrated).
Since the hydraulic pump is driven by a compressed air motor, no additional power connection is required.
To ensure ease of use even with large loads, the lifting and working platforms are normally equipped with an auxiliary drive. This can be deactivated if required so that the load can float freely.

Mobile cranes on air cushions also have some advantages:
  1. halls without a bridge crane can be retrofitted at low cost (particularly suitable for leased premises)
  2. can be used between halls and even outdoors
  3. no structural changes to the hall required
  4. the frictionless movement of the crane prevents the load from swinging


Mobile elevating work platforms (type MHB)
Air cushion-configured assembly platforms