Air Cushion Running Gears


Air Cushion Running Gears

…make a wide variety of loads float

Our air cushion running gears (type LF) can be secured under any object to provide unlimited mobility and flexibility, even for the largest and heaviest loads.

With mobile working platforms that can be repositioned at lightning speed, whole assembly halls can be flexibly designed and the required space reduced considerably.

Plant or test equipment that needs to be relocated can be moved quickly and conveniently by hand on air cushions even if they weigh tons.

The customer can secure the air cushion elements using modules, slide-in compartments or cassettes under the load.

The number and size of the air cushions will depend on the weight, centre of gravity and rigidity of the load.

In addition, the functions can be expanded with a remote control, tape control, safety devices, drive or hose reel modules.

We can also produce complete understructures and handle the assembly and piping work on request.



Fixed or mobile