Gentle transport of fragile goods

Smooth, vibration-free transport is essential when it comes to conveying glass packages. Air cushion technology is ideal for such applications because of the “padding” the air cushions typically provide.

Although they weigh tons, the glass panels are gently raised by the air cushion transporter and brought to float. They are then transported almost frictionlessly and with minimum energy being required.

When floor-level autoclaves are being loaded, the compact dimensions and flat design of the transporters are particularly advantageous because the space gained allows larger glass sizes to fit into the high pressure ovens.

The glass packages, which are stored on A-frames, can be picked up by the pallet transporter without having to be rearranged. There is no need for a complex and expensive rail transport system, which allows valuable production space to be saved.

To enable raised autoclaves to be loaded, the air cushion transporters are fitted with a satellite carriage that drives under the glass racks, docks and then pushes them into or out of the autoclaves.

Again, a conventional rail system can be dispensed with. The flexible air cushion-based solution allows a second or third autoclave to be integrated or the layout to be modified at any time.


other benefits:

  1. Transport is smooth and free of vibration
  2. Flexible loading of floor-level and raised autoclaves
  3. Low external dimensions of the transport vehicles (only slightly larger than the floor area of the load)
  4. Easy manoeuvrability thanks to the air cushion principle, allowing optimum use to be made of the available production space
  5. Easy manoeuvrability thanks to the air cushion principle, allowing optimum use to be made of the available production space
  6. Distribution of the pressure over a relatively large area means stresses on the floors are less than with traditional means of transport
Air cushion transport of glass packages and loading of raised autoclaves
The transporter docks onto the autoclave and the glass is delivered by means of a sliding table
This 50-ton air cushion transport system is used to bring the world’s biggest safety glass panels to the autoclave.
Air cushion transporter for loading autoclaves standing on the floor. The transporter has a load-bearing capacity of 60 t and loads the autoclave with the help of a satellite carriage.
This glass transporter has a load-bearing capacity of 40 t. It is used to transport the glass packages for the entire production process.
On the top of the transporter is a satellite carriage that can deliver the glass frames to both sides.