As an experienced systems provider, DELU supplies means of transport for flexible, group-based production

In the automotive industry too, highly flexible final assembly lines for the manufacturing of cars, trucks, buses and construction machinery can be set up with air cushion technology. The traditional line configuration in production is replaced by almost stationary assembly, i.e. a combination of stationary and inline workstations. This embedding of assembly stations into traditional line production enhances flexibility and minimises time losses. The first vehicle on the assembly line now no longer has to be the first one to leave the line again.

Such flexibility can best be achieved with the aid of air cushion technology. Its consistent use at all stations not only improves flexibility and productivity, but also creates a clean and ergonomic working environment. Another benefit is that the air cushion devices offer a considerable degree of user-friendliness.

Examples of applications include the conveyance of heavy components such as engines, axles, wheels and windscreens.

In addition, the air cushion devices allow the assembly system to be changed over quickly and easily in the event of a change in the production process.

Other areas of application include air cushion-borne tool change devices, crash test units, presentation platforms and equipment stands for prototype manufacturing.


other benefits:

  1. High flexibility and simple adaptation to new products and production processes
  2. Investment costs are reduced, productivity boosted and lead times shortened
  3. Transport system can be operated conveniently by one operator by remote control
  4. Load can move freely in all directions and rotations around the axis, ensuring best possible utilisation of the space available
  5. Floating load allows precise positioning
  6. Low maintenance expense
  7. Environmentally friendly technology without waste gases or noise
  8. Can also be used in explosion protected zones and clean rooms
Underfloor assembly work
Mobile high stations with air cushion running gears
A coach on an air cushion high station. Load capacity 12.5 t.
Before assembly, the coaches are deposited on high stations that move on air cushions so that the steering, hoses, brackets, valves, etc. can be fitted.
As the time required for these steps is similar for all coach types, they are performed in an assembly line.
The high stations are equipped with air cushion running gears that enable a time saving of approx. 50% compared with traditional crane transport.