As a leading manufacturer of air cushion systems, we can offer our customers a broad product range extending from a simple standard system to highly complex fully-automated system solutions.

We are happy to respond to customer-specific requirements and have the necessary engineering expertise to design and produce a solution that is the best for you.

Not only will we help you configure your transport solution, but upon request  we‘ll also prepare feasibility studies and do the preliminary planning.

Our large team of engineers and technicians has many years of experience and unparalleled know-how in the field of air cushion technology. That enables us to develop customised systems for almost all transport requirements and bring even difficult projects to a successful conclusion.


Air cushion transporters

Our transporters are air cushion-based conveyor vehicles that can carry and move loads weighing up to 1,000 tons either directly or on transport pallets.


Modular Systems (Rigging sets)

These standardised systems, also known as rig set,  are mobile and can be used universally. They are manually operated and are employed primarily for delivering, installing or relocating plant and machinery. The modular structure makes them suitable for all load ranges.


Mobile lifting equipment

These are devices such as scissor lifts, lifting platforms and hydraulic jacks that are equipped with air cushions, allowing them to be easily moved in all directions.

Air cushion running gears

Want to make your application mobile? Air cushion technology makes moving loads of any weight such as working platforms, devices and fixtures child’s play.
We would be happy to offer air cushion running gears to suit your needs.


Customized solutions

We work closely with you to develop customised solutions for almost every area of application.