Components & Accessories


Components & Accessories

Air cushion elements

The development and manufacture of air cushion elements is one of our core businesses. To ensure the best possible quality, we manufacture these only in Germany.

The following types are available:

  • Standard air cushions, type LE-N
  • Standard air cushions with integrated support plate, type LE-KH
  • Theatre air cushions for parquet floors, type LE-B
  • Metal air cushions for tool tables, type LE-M

Other special versions:

  • Wear protection coating for poor-quality floors
  • EX protection version (stainless steel)
  • Clean room version (washed and with special packing)

See also:

Data Sheet: Air Cushion Elements

Data Sheet: Metal Air Cushions


Compressed air bellows

Compressed air bellows are used e.g. as lifting cylinders in drive units, brakes, guiding rolls or lifting flaps.


Drive technology

We manufacture pneumatic and electric friction wheel drives with tractive forces from 50 to 3,500 daN.

Internal drives:

These are permanently built into air cushion vehicles or running gears. A distinction is made between fixed, pivoting, steerable and X-Y drives.

External drives:

External drives allow loads on platforms or air cushion running gears without integrated drives to be moved.


Guiding technology

This includes mechanical guiding rolls and magnetic or optical tape control systems.



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