Pallet Transporters


Pallet Transporters

A universal solution for almost all transport requirements

Our pallet transporters (type LPT) are air cushion-mounted industrial conveyors for transporting special pallets on which loads of any weight can be deposited.

Once the load has been deposited on the pallet, it can be picked up by a pallet transporter at any time and moved to the desired location without the need for a crane or other means of transport. This independence allows high cycle speeds and avoids downtimes caused by crane bottlenecks.

Thanks to its modular design, the dimensions of the pallet transporter can be easily adjusted to the load.
It also allows large or heavy loads to be distributed over several pallets so that they can be moved on two or more synchronised transporters.

Our pallet transporters have considerable advantages over traditional heavy-lift transporters:

  1. complete freedom of movement and millimetre-precise positioning accuracy
  2. very compact and flat sizes
  3. almost unlimited load capacities thanks to the modular design
  4. several transporters can be synchronised and operated together as a unit
  5. many equipment options and expansion possibilities
  6. low floor loads
  7. easy one-man operation
  8. high operational reliability
  9. low investment costs

Equipment features:

- intuitive wireless, cable or manual operation
- automatic air cushion control (pneumatic or electric)
- PLC, relay or pneumatic control
- LED display panel
- integrated wheel and disk drive (pneumatic or electric)
- integrated or mounted hose reel
- integrated compressed air processing
- motorised or plunger brakes
- Emergency Stop, circumferential protection frame, hose end  stop, emergency control, dead man’s circuit, status display, troubleshooting module
- Explosion protected version available